Palacos R+G Pro

The fast and easy way to finished bone cement

Palacos Pro R+G
Proven Quality From Heraeus

PALACOS® R+G has long been considered the gold standard in modern cementing technology (1). The use of antibiotic-loaded cement verifi ably reduces the rate of infections in primary knee and hip arthroplasty (2, 3).

Optimal Cement Quality Through a Standardised Approach

Processing is standardised with PALACOS® R+G, the sequence of the individual work steps is prescribed. PALACOS® R+G enables a consistent, identical mixing ratio for the individual cement components and therefore
ensures optimal cement quality.

Fewer Steps for Fast & Efficient Working

Preparation of the mixing process with a vacuum mixing system usually requires around 15 work steps – with PALACOS® R+G pro the number of steps is reduced considerably.

The monomer is only transferred when vacuum is applied.
The vacuum indicator only retracts once the monomer transfer is fully completed.

Advantages at a Glance
The Pro for Fast, Safe & Efficient Working with a Perfectly Mixed Bone Cement
Palaco R+G Pro
Palacos R+G Pro Quick Guide
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